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BRILLIANT: The 'No TRUMP Act' Was Just Introduced in Congress in Response to Presidential Corruption

Much has been written about the flagrant conflicts of interest inherent in Donald Trump's presidency. He is a walking violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause.

Chris Hayes excoriates Trump: 'The White House is full of it' & 'BS is part of its DNA'

I have yet to see any TV host hit the Trump administration as hard as Chris Hayes did on this episode of All-In.

Gail Collins gets it right on "Trumpcare"

Even though she does not use the quoted phrase in her New York Times column titled Getting Freedom From Health.

Donald Trump: Psychiatry professors say 'dangerous' US President must be removed from post for public safety

Donald Trump is “dangerous” and drastic steps must be taken to protect the public from him, two leading psychiatrists have warned.

Barack Obama 'rolled his eyes' at Donald Trump's wiretapping accusations

Barack Obama reportedly “rolled his eyes” at Donald Trump’s allegations over alleged wiretapping during the US election.

Donald Trump team 'scrutinising staff Twitter accounts before hiring them to check for criticism'

White House aides are reportedly stalling the appointment of new staff members because they are scrutinising candidates' social media profiles for criticism of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump launches congressional charm offensive to win support for new healthcare bill

After spending months rehashing the brutal GOP primary campaign and bragging about his victory, President Donald Trump has quietly launched a charm offensive, reaching out to former rivals whose help he...

MIT climate scientists turn on their former colleague after he tells Donald Trump to tear up Paris Agreement

Twenty-two professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have written to Donald Trump to say that climate change poses a serious risk to humanity, disavowing a retired colleague who claimed...

Paid maternity leave: US is still one of the worst countries in the world despite Donald Trump's family leave plan

The United States is one of the worst countries in the World for paid maternity leave, with new mothers entitled to less than three weeks off at an average full wage rate under Donald Trump's family leave...

Donald Trump 'lied to journalists about softening immigration stance to manipulate coverage'

Donald Trump's claim that he was willing to compromise on immigration gave many hope before his Joint Address to Congress on Tuesday. But it’s now being reported that it was completely untrue. And who...

In the White House things are looking glum. This could be the beginning of the end for Trump

Donald Trump has done plenty of flip-flopping over the course of his unlikely rise to power. He’s changed his mind multiple times about repealing Obamacare, prosecuting his political opponents for no...

White House 'considers direct military action' to counter North Korean nuclear threat

North Korea threatens to 'mercilessly foil the nuclear war racket of the aggressors with its treasured nuclear sword'

My Thoughts on President Trump's Speech to the Joint Session of Congress

I thought President Trump gave a very persuasive and measured speech for the politically uninitiated. Here is my initial deconstruction.