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Kellyanne Conway suggests Barack Obama could have spied on Donald Trump through a microwave

Donald Trump's senior aide Kellyanne Conway has suggested Barack Obama could have monitored the President through a microwave.

Donald Trump to meet Saudi Arabia’s crown prince at the White House

Saudi Arabia's royal court has said the kingdom's second-in-line to the throne will meet President Donald Trump at the White House in the highest-level visit to Washington by a Saudi royal since November's...

Steve Bannon 'under criminal investigation' for voter registration fraud

President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly under "an active criminal" investigation for voter registration fraud.

Donald Trump may have fired US Attorney to stop him investigating his finances, top Democrats suggest

US Attorney Preet Bharara was fired by Donald Trump to stop him from investigating his financial affairs, senior Democrats have suggested.

Muhammad Ali J detained and questioned at airport for second time after criticising Donald Trump

The son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been detained at an airport in Washington, a day after discussing his concerns about a separate incident of airport detention with members of Congress.

Donald Trump plays his 'ninth round of golf' in seven weeks as President

Donald Trump might have routinely relished in lambasting Barack Obama for playing golf but it seems he also has a penchant for the sport. The President has reportedly played golf nine times in the seven...

Donald Trump will not take presidential salary upon entering White House

Donald Trump has said he will not accept a salary for being president when he is in the White House.

Donald Trump refuses to prove he is not taking a salary, despite promise to do so

Donald Trump has ignored requests for proof he is donating his $400,000 annual salary to charity, despite promising during his campaign to waive the pay package.

Donald Trump does not want Obamacare replacement to be called 'Trumpcare'

Although he has never been averse to putting his name to his products, President Donald Trump apparently does not want anyone to call the Republican’s proposed new healthcare plan ‘Trumpcare’.

Donald Trump’s American Health Care Act attacked by top US medical aide Dr Andrey Ostrovsky

One of America's most senior medical officers has spoken out against Donald Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare with the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

The State Of The Union: Trump Confronts These Hard Political Truths

Тhе Тrumр Ноtеl іn Wаshіngtоn іs buіlt іnsіdе thе Оld Роst Оffісе Вuіldіng. Lаst tіmе І vіsіtеd thе рlасе, іt wаs а tоurіst gаllеrу, sеllіng Т-shіrts,...

US ethics watchdog accuses Donald Trump's White House of 'undermining' law

The US ethics watchdog has written to the White House to remind Donald Trump’s team that government ethics rules apply to them.

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest scandal 'will eventually be too much to take', Obama's ethics lawyer says

A top ethics lawyer said Donald Trump’s conflicts of interests will become “too much to take” after they are challenged in court.